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1.)... Ordering
2.)... Terms and Important Information
3.)... Returns & Order Cancellation Policy
4.)... Installing a Chandelier and sizing                                                                                                     5.)....Installing a sconce


    You can place an order 2 ways:

  Phone: 845-424-2452


         We require a 50% deposit with orders, with the balance due before shipping, and we accept credit cards (American Express, Visa & MasterCard), Paypal or checks. It is suggested not to send credit card numbers by e-mail. Call 24 hours a day and leave your number on our answering machine.

         All of our items are made in the USA. They are made to order; therefore, we need approximately 3-8 weeks for delivery. Our designs are meticulously hand painted and hand cast in resin and are available in custom colors (usually at no extra cost) and custom sizes. Original designs are copyrighted. Freight is from New York (unless imported). Shades that are pictured on lamps and chandeliers are not included. Packing charges are extra and are done by a third party. We have the ability to design and manufacture to your specifications or from your sketches, and to make large size fixtures on short notice. Our web site, has over 150 items with new items added often. Chandeliers come with 3 foot of chain and matching ceiling cap. If you have a high ceiling let us know so we can supply extra chain.    


         Since all items are custom made, any order cancellations or returns will be charged a 50% fee (chargeback) less costs (ie: freight and/or credit card charges), and are at the discretion of Sisal Lighting. This is a standard policy in the custom furnishing industry.                                 


         A site I recommend with instructions on installing a replacement chandelier, figuring the height above a table and modifying the chain length: Click Here

Also, has good links on sizing. Click Here

5.) INSTALLING A SCONCE with gold ball

Below is information on how your electrician would do the wiring  for our sconces.
A round electrical box should be installed that will be covered by the sconces gold ball.
The box should be installed so the center of the box is where the center of the ball will be located. The ball is usually 5.25" in diameter. If the electrical wire has a plug attached it should be cut off and the wire pulled back into the gold ball.

A hole can be drilled through the gold ball in the center. It does not come with the hole. A standard electrical metal "strap", "nipple" and "cap" will be supplied. The strap is attached to the box, and the nipple is screwed into the strap. The other end of the nipple will fit through the hole and will be fastened from the outside of ball with a supplied decorative "cap nut".  (The wires can be placed into the top gold ball, if there is one, when your order is placed).

The round electrical box should be substituted for the 8 sided box in the picture.  





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